“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” – Mark Twain

That’s the Golden Fortune International Group Berhad (GFIGB) corporate ideology. The vision is to strive for continuous improvement from within and the world around us. Our expertise spans from financial facilities, energy and mining, core infrastructure, media and entertainment, property development and blockchain technology. Developing a global footprint to support and provide solutions to government, corporation, SMEs & startups.

With a combine of 50 years of experience, knowledge and industry reputation. GFIGB have made great stride from establishing in early 2018 to acquiring key clients in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Achieving a milestone with a total of 120 clients in May 2018 and maintaining the exponential growth.

The mastermind of GFIGB, Pehin Seri Di Raja Dato’ Seri Farid, a sharp entrepreneur with the foresight to fast track Cross Border Business development and Technology Innovation Strategic Management. Along with Dato’ Seri Desmond Lim and Dato’ Seri Melvyn Cheng to pave the GFIGB future together specializing in asset management and financing.

Stay one step ahead of this technologically advanced world with GFIGB. Be in the forefront of your industry with our agile 360° solution.


To help give back to the community, we do our part in developing multiple property of all markets be it Residential, Commercial or Institutional.
Providing homes and offices – more importantly a safe environment for every member of our society.


We are the light in your homes, we are the gas in your kitchen, we are the hot water in your shower.
Power is one of the primary needs of mankind and we aim to provide as much power as we can to everybody that we can reach.


Never straying far from our roots, we still have specialist in the oil and gas industry.
We strive to improve on the efficiency and lower the amount of pollution
caused, creating a better future for this industry.


Fully integrate engineering, procurement, commissioning, end to end design fabrication and multitasking RE company.
With our high skilled staff and management, we embark on our journey to save this world.


With our vast experience, we can aid in making a detailed organization that will smoothen the flow of your business.
With proper planning, both you and your clients will have an efficient operation resulting in a win-win situation.



An economy can be severely affected by the bad choices of major players in the field.
However with sharp and long-sighted minds, we can assist in minimizing and avoiding any financial mistakes..


Not willing to fall behind in the times, we have already had our hand in the crypto currency trend.
While not many people are exposed to it thus far, it will have better accessability and recognition at universal level which completely voids currency rate.